“Crazy for Pazzi” Final Update

Exactly a year ago, we shared the photos of the beginnings of the restoration of the Loggia of the Pazzi Chapel, made possible with generous donations that poured in over Kickstarter. We also took a deeper look at the restoration, in this post in Italian.

Photo: Marco Badiani
The loggia of the Pazzi Chapel just days before the restoration begun

We are now even more pleased to share with you the photos of the Loggia after the restoration, shining with its former Renaissance splendor.

© Opera di Santa Croce/Angelo Latronico
In the center of incredibly detailed, glazed terracotta dome, is the coat of arms of the Pazzi family, surrounded with the fruits of four seasons. 
© Opera di Santa Croce/Angelo Latronico
A detail of flowers (64 blue flowers in total). Four of the yellow flowers have fingerprints of their 15th century creators!
Two corners of the loggia boast the family coats of arms. They were mostly cleaned with brushes and q-tips.


Polychrome cherubs show the coloring of the past centuries
Monochrome cherubs were consolidated with the injections of resin
The figure of St. Andrew, the patron saint of Andrea Pazzi, shows the skill of Luca della Robbia. Note different shades of blue in the background, as well as delicate clouds – the throne of the Saint. Each long line of the drapery carefully masks the separate pieces of the roundel, forming together a perfect puzzle.



Two articles published by The Florentine, give further insight into this restoration:  an interview with the restorers, as well as the answer to the question if there is such a thing as the recipe for success for fundraising campaigns.

The special event of the conclusion of the restoration on September 18th 2015, saw the loggia changing colors, as the evening went by.

Photo Marco Badiani

The event will be remembered in Santa Croce chronicles for all the special guests from Florence and around the globe. It will also remain a special date for a young couple from Missouri – one of our patrons was so moved with the quiet nocturnal beauty of Santa Croce that he proposed to his girlfriend! She said yes.

Photo Marco Badiani

The other tangible result of the “Crazy for Pazzi” campaign is the book with the names and “historical tweets” of all the donors, that is now preserved in our archives.


Here is the digital version that you can look through on line!

Thanks to 859 donors from 30 countries from around the world, the history of Santa Croce is still being written.

“In honour of those before us, and for the love of those yet to be.” S. M.

Photo © Marco Badiani

Paola Vojnovic, Opera di Santa Croce

*All the photos subject to the copyright!! © Archivio Opera di Santa Croce (photo Angelo Latronico) & The Florentine (photo Marco Badiani).


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