#CrazyforPazzi Dedications

Dante Alighieri once wrote “Beauty awakens the soul to act.” During the crowdfunding campaign to restore the Loggia of the Pazzi Chapel we had a confirmation of this medieval statement. Beauty moves, awakens and inspires.

We asked the donors for this campaign to write a short (tweet-size) dedication to be kept in the special book of backers in the Santa Croce Archive. Even though the book is still in the making we wanted to publish the first 10 on the occasion of #inspiration day during the #Museumweek2015. Stay tuned for more!

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Alfonso Rosenberg González, Mexico City, Mexico

“La bellezza ci salverà” Chiara e Denis Rovetti, Italy

“Let’s all preserve beauty in this world.” Gilles Chiniara, Italy

“Florence, home of my heart, I carry you with me.” Jane Mjolsness Lamke, Naples, FL (USA)

“Mankind needs the dreamers.” Klaas L. Tonckens, Florence, Italy

“Fortunate are those who are touched by Florence’s beauty.” Melinda Gallo, Florence, Italy

To Florence: “Beneath you arches I glimpsed No End. Before your gates humbled I stand. You are not a place, but magic dream of timeless Grace”. Mila Pejovic, Toronto, Canada

“In honour of those before us, and for the love of those yet to be.” Sonja McLaughlin, Oakville, Canada

“I used to come here to be inspired.. and I found, unknown, the soul’s intimate peace…” Vieri Orzalesi, Florence, Italy

“May you always find your way home, enjoy life, your family and friends, and use your power for good.” Yvette Bartholomew, Germantown MD (USA)

Newly Restored Smiling Cherubs
Newly Restored Smiling Cherubs

***Photo © Archivio Opera di Santa Croce (photo Angelo Latronico)***


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