Restoration Highlights of #CrazyForPazzi

As the result of the crowd-funding campaign #CrazyforPazzi and the donations that poured in from every corner of the world, the Loggia of the Pazzi Chapel will soon shine in its former Renaissance splendor.

The loggia, attached to the famous chapel considered to be a creation of Filippo Brunelleschi, underwent numerous restorations through the centuries starting in 1586 (when the Pazzi family sustained the cost of the roof restoration) to other interventions in the 19th and 20th century, mostly focusing on the roof and support elements in the pietra serena.

The current restoration started as scheduled, on January 12th of this year. After the two weeks that it took to build the scaffolding, the restorers started doing first trials on February 6th. What makes this restoration different from all the previous restorations in this area is the fact that every surface of the loggia – pietra serena, terracotta and wood will be touched, examined and cleaned, as seen in the photographs that follow.

scaffolding from loggiato nord
The scaffolding in-situ
Washing of pietra serena
The cleaning of the Pazzi Coat of Arms made of polychrome terracotta
Restorer with plan
A restorer examining the diagram with the missing parts of the decoration
Restorer attaching the missing decoration
Restorer attaching the central part of the decoration
The cleaning test (before and after)
The cleaning test (before and after)
The cleaning test (before and after)

The restoration is scheduled to end in the summer of 2015.

***All the photos subject to the copyright!! © Archivio Opera di Santa Croce (photo Angelo Latronico)***


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