Remembering Rosina Vendramin Buonarroti (London, 1814 – Florence, 1856)

Among many requests for the burial in Santa Croce church, one finds a moving appeal by Cosimo Buonarroti, the ex Minister of Public Education for the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the last living descendant of the great Michelangelo. Count Cosimo wanted to insure that the earthly remains of his beloved wife, Rosina Vendramin, who died at the age of 42, would be deposited in the family tomb, next to the remains of the celebrated artist of the Buonarroti family.


While we will never know in what romantic way or where this couple met, we know that Cosimo wed Rosina, who was born in London and was a widow of an Englishman, on Valentine’s Day, 1846. The couple dedicated their marriage, which lasted only a decade, to compiling, restoring and organizing the vast archive of Michelangelo, that today forms a nucleus of the Casa Buonarroti museum.

Cosimo’s request was granted and on June 16th, 1856, Rosina was buried in the Buonarroti family tomb.


To read more about Rosina and other women celebrated or buried in Santa Croce, check out “Santa Croce in Pink” available for sale in Opera di Santa Croce bookshop.

Paola Vojnovic

Photo © Opera di Santa Croce


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